Tina, eat your food

Sadly, two nights ago, I broke my streak of having at least one piece of sushi a day whilst (yes, the commonwealth spelling) in Vancouver. And no, I wasn’t so distraught over the ordeal that I neglected to blog for two days. I was just busy. Or tired. Whichever is a better excuse.

In any event, I must say that the raw fish of the great north is phenomenal and priced rather well. I regret that I wasn’t able to take full advantage of the plethora of other dining options; dim sum will have to wait until my next trip to Virginia where the best “D.C.” ethnic food is to be had.

Vancouver’s culinary scene did not disappoint. From the pizza with sesame seeds on the crust to the litany of other street food on famed Granville St, I enjoyed every bite. In terms of breakfast, not much doesn’t beat the toast and oranges at our hostel (the coffee leaves one wondering if instead of a filter and grounds they use a bathtub and dirt). If I had one more meal to eat, I would have to try the famed Japadog that has been an international sensation. I don’t know what a Japadog is, but a minimum 10 minute wait for said dog says something about the product (then again people wait for a while at the proctologist’s office … ).

As I depart back for the land that loves freedom, I will make one final food/beverage stop – to Tim Horton’s. For those of you who aren’t familiar with “Timmy Ho’s,” a quick introduction: It’s similar to Dunkin’ Donuts but a Canadian chain named after the famed hockey player with some shoppes (yes, the spelling again) in America. An extra-large coffee goes for about $1.87 (Canadian tender with tax), which is a lot less than what you would pay at $5bucks.


1 Response to “Tina, eat your food”

  1. 1 Jeff Katz February 23, 2010 at 2:16 am

    Front row hockey seats $150
    Daily Sushi $25
    Trip to Timmy Ho’s $1.87
    Blogging about your olympic experience Priceless

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